We offer a large variety of veterinary prescription diets, from Hills to Royal Canin we have many types of foods, both canned and dry. Whether your looking for Urinary health, diabetic management, or possibly a weight loss food, you can be assured that we will help you find the best food for your pet's palate, health, and lifestyle.

  • purina

    Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets

    We are happy to also offer a small variety of Purina ProPlan Vet. Diets. ¬†Though we only carry a small amount in stock, we are more than happy to order…

  • BLUEVeTdiet

    Blue Natural Vet Diet

    We are excited to announce that we now offer Blue Buffalo’s Veterinary Diets. These foods cannot be found in pet stores, only at vet offices. We currently carry only a…

  • HIll's_Pet_Nutrition_logo

    Hills Pet Nutrition

    We are happy to offer a large variety of Hills Prescription Pet Food. From Urinary health, digestive support to dental hygiene and weight management; we offer dry and canned foods…

  • RC photo

    Royal Canin Prescription Diets

    We are happy to offer prescription diets from Royal Canin¬†to help cater to your pet’s palate and dietary needs. Royal Canin has a science-based approach to mix the best ingredients,…