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Senior Care

As all pets age they require a little more attention and care than they did at a young age.  Since one year for us is 7 years for our canine friends, imagine only visiting your doctor or dentist every 7 years…. A lot can happen to your body and health in that long period of time. This is why we recommend all pets after the age of 9, should be having blood work done at least once a year. This is how we gather information on kidney, liver, thyroid,CBC and other important values. By gathering this information yearly or bi-yearly, we are able to catch any differences that occur over time, helping us diagnose and treat issues before they become serious/deadly.

We offer many variations of pain control including NSAIDs, supplements, and acupuncture, to insure that your pet is comfortable in their later years.

We also offer acupuncture and Chinese herbs for pain management as well.

It is our goal to help each patient live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives they can.

Please call our office today to see what we can do to help your senior companion!