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Dec 26 2016

Winter Holiday Hazards

The holidays seem to get busier every year, more people to visit with, less time to relax and less time to spend with your fur-babies. In the crazy rush of it all it’s hard to forget that our animals can be just as stressed during this time of year.

Loud noises and party create stress for not just us humans: Be sure to be aware of your pets needs and stay aware of how they react to the loud noises at the party. Most animal tend to become frightened with loud noises, including Fireworks and even popping the cork off the champagne bottle. We’re not saying don’t enjoy the holidays, just be aware and responsible of your pets anxiety. If the party is being hosted at your home, maybe keep the pets in a quiet room away from the party and indoors while those fireworks go off. Make sure to leave them plenty of water and perhaps something (like a kong filled w/ peanut butter or a nice yummy bone) to keep them busy while you dance into the new year.

Make sure your pet has proper Identification: I/D tags with your pet’s name, address, and a phone number just in case Uncle Rick accidentally lets them outside. Microchips are very helpful in these situations, in case your pet does get lost in this big world, this is a good guarantee that if someone does find your dog without it’s tags, they still have a way to find out who the dog belongs to and who to contact to get the baby home to it’s family.

Holiday Food Dangers: Though we all love to share with our four-legged friends, try to refrain from giving them the scraps. Try making holiday treats to give to your pets while you enjoy your meal. Keep them away from the chocolates and alcohols. Fatty or spicy can cause serious Gastro-intestinal upset, so avoid giving Fido the plate to clean. Foods sweetened with Xylitol can be very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs to avoid medical costs. Bones bought at the pet store are much safer than the leftovers anyways!

Watch out for that TREE!: Holiday decor such as Christmas trees are extremely tempting for many of our canine friends, but the felines love to climb them as well. Be sure to have the tree anchored down and keep an eye on your pets as they enjoy the holidays. Both Holly and Mistletoe can cause severe GI upset and should also be kept out of reach. Balloons, streamers, party hats or confetti can be very unhealthy for an animal if ingested.

Please call us (207-563-8387) if you have any questions or concerns, Or go to the Emergency Clinic in Warren if your pet ingests any of the above topics.

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